Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stir, Reheat, Serve

"cuz i know that you're gonna tear up the place/punch me in my face and pull the hot grits out..."-Usher

I kind of just realized that Black History Month began today--sue me; I've been crazy busy and unless the US is giving out reparations for slavery as a gift for this huge commercial "holiday" *sarcasm*, it's not exactly at the top of my list of priorities. In any case; I digress. It's Black History Month, which means that it's also BIC History Month, the monthlong celebration-of-sorts of crazy Black women, which this blog has observed since 2008. As a third anniversary celebration (and because I have no time to research), I'll be serving leftovers until I have time to cook something up. That said, feast your eyes on the very first BIC History Month post, featuring the tragic fate of Mary Woodson, tortured side ho of R&B/Gospel legend Al Green.

Happy Holiday!

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tyra said...

you LOVE the idea of throwing hot grits on a man...i know one day i'mma get that call...lmao!!