Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BIC New Rules: Ring in the New Year

"why should i worry/why should i care?"--Billy Joel

All this abortion chatter lately has me thinking about how to best avoid the necessity. Well, let's be honest: I just wanted an excuse to talk about my new best friend, the NuvaRing. I honestly feel as though I should be doing a PSA. While I may be a couple years late picking up on this awesome phenomenon, I am all about the little plastic vaginal ring that squeezes against itself and rests quietly in your no-no for 21 days.

You see, even though it's pretty common knowledge that I haven't had sex since the Old Testament, I recently began using BC again in an effort to regulate my periods because, depressingly, I'm reaching an age where I should begin regulating my ovulation so as to avoid issues trying to get pregnant later. As I've learned, time is of the essence in these matters, and having to spend months regulating your period at any point over 30 can waste precious shelf time with your precious eggs in three, four, five...[or more] years. Since at this point I'm under two years from 30, I decided to speak with my gynecologist about being proactive in order to avoid being blindsided later. I had her do a whole work-up including checking out my follicle situation (eggs), my uterus, cervix, and key hormone levels to make sure I was fit to get pregnant and carry a kid to term (I am, by the way), and then I wanted to correct anything that might be problematic later. My often irregular periods are a tiny issue, so in order to correct it, she suggested a hormone regimen...otherwise known as (dunh dunh dunh) birth control (BC). Anyone who knows me knows I hate birth control. I mean, being transparent, I can share that I disgustingly and irresponsibly went years without using so much as condom with an ex. Because I'm ultra sensitive to manufactured hormones and pills (BCP) literally make me ill, I can count on both my hands the amount of times I've had sex on birth control. Clearly, I've had sex more than 10 times in my life. So what's a girl to do? 

Introducing my cute, fun new little friend. I admit I was a bit perplexed and perhaps intimidated by the ring. I mean, it's a plastic circle. How do you get it in? How does it stay up? Will it unexpectedly fall out in the toilet in the club? These are the questions that were on my mind. I have an amazing gyne who showed me how to use it, so I felt confident; but honestly, nothing prepared me for the day I started. It went right in, and glory be to God, when I stood up the thing stayed in place! Simply amazing. By way of directions if you're not in the know, you keep it in 21 days, take it out on the 21st day, which will bring on a period, and then seven days after the day of removal, you stick a brand new one back in. Cautionary 'so-you-know' measures: while you're told you can keep it in for sex, several friends have shared that the ring has ended up across the room in fits of passion, so it's best to remove it prior. It can safely be out of the body for 3 hours before your body readjusts to the lack of hormones. Also, I'm not gonna lie: a couple of times, I've felt it slipping just a bit during a hard run. But it's never fallen out. 

Something else amazing is that it deposits its hormones directly into your uterus, instead of going through your bloodstream like other hormones, so the side effects are far less noticeable. It drastically reduces your PMS symptoms, as well, which has been amazing for me. It's also super easy to stick in and even easier to hook and snatch out. There's nothing better in the birth control industry. Let's face it: withdrawal is nerve-wracking (and largely ineffective), the rhythm method and family planning techniques are for crazy people in misguided religions (*cough*Mormons*cough*), pills are too easily forgotten, and Depo-Provera blows you up like an army grenade. If you haven't already, try the NuvaRing today; you will be so happy you did. Also appreciative will be your partner and the unborn children whose lives you could both potentially ruin. Ciao!


LaToya said...

PSA indeed, Ash. Now I'm super interested. I loathe the side effects of the standard pill, which I'm forced to be on for similar reasons.

Now I just need to see if my insurance covers most of it!

Anonymous said...

dude, u need to get the manufacturers to put this on their website and pay yoU!