Friday, February 5, 2010

New Campaign: Michelle Obama For...Michelle Obama

"you know the things that i am afraid of/i'm not afraid to tell/and if we ever leave a legacy/it's that we loved each other well..."--Indigo Girls

Fact: I love Michelle Obama. Luuuurve her. Obsessively watch and read her interviews and realize I've been smiling the entire time once I finish. I adore her firm-but-easygoing approach to life, love, motherhood, and politics. Her brand of honesty and realism is unparalleled by any of her FLOTUS predecessors. And her Rock Mom steez is sublime. She makes it look easy, all while reminding us that it's hard as nails. She's smart as a whip, articulate but relatable, funny as hell, and refreshingly normal. She wears short shorts to walk the dog outside on the White House lawn for God's sake. There is virtually nobody in the public eye I admire more. But read my lips: I would not vote for Michelle Obama for President of the United States.

It's not a Black thing. There are a number of Black folks I'd vote for--her husband was one of them. It's not a woman thing. I'd vote for Hillary in a New York minute if she ran again. Now, I'd never vote for Sarah Palin, but it's not because she's a woman, it's because she's a sick, sad joke the MMM and Tea-Baggers are playing on the country. To be sure, I don't equate Michelle with Sarah. I wouldn't vote for Sarah because she's an annoyingly plucky climber, whom I'm quite sure could have a serious conversation with a rhino and it would walk away feeling dumber. Former President George W. wants to give Sarah a few points off of his IQ. No, Michelle is not of that class. There are much better reasons why President Michelle Obama would not work for me.

1. Michelle is a mother. A really good mother. And feeling a vested interest in Malia and Sasha's success as young women, I want her to continue to be a good mother. This is actually a two-sided negative because a) the Presidency could take Michelle's attention from the girls, which would be a travesty, or b) it could not take her attention from the girls, which is the more probable reality. I could definitely see a GW Bush-reading-to-kindergarten-class-during-9-11 moment with Michelle, a national disaster, and her children. Michelle would be just as unapologetic as Bush, too. Her official statement would probably be: "My first priority is these girls."

2. Michelle is too street. She peeps game and isn't afraid to call it out. Classily, of course, but call it out nonetheless. She's now mastered political correctness, as she's had to in the past few years, but as President she just might snap. As First Lady, she has the ability to check her emotions because she's not expected to be the initial reactor. As President, Michelle might show her ass. And I would love it, but I would hate the criticism of her that followed.

3. Barack would be a terrible FGOTUS. Barack is a brilliant man--and of late, I'm less displeased with him than I've been in some time, but everyone must admit that he, in the poignant words of Nas "love the attention". Barack isn't a bimbo, but he is a poster boy--he doesn't play second fiddle very well. Of course, that's one of the main reasons that he won the presidency, but standing by and not offering opinions and solutions publicly would be like an appendectomy without anesthesia for our Jerry McGuire-esque President.

4. Michelle is an amazing First Lady. I wouldn't want her image to be tainted by the inevitable stress, strain, tough decisions, bad decisions, and BS that comes with being President. I want to remember her as she is now: a highly effective public figure with a winning personality.

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