Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Back Bitches!

"im talkin bout how i used to love it when you whispered to me/tell me that you love me and those beautiful things/baby won't you come back cuz i'm really in need..."--Mariah Carey

So, I've decided that the thoughts running through my head are entirely too looney tunes to not be sharing them with like-minded broads. Taking inventory, there is absolutely no reason an attractive, single woman who encounters nothing but losers shouldn't be sharing her trials and tribulations with the masses. That said, I'm upping my posting game. I know you guys miss me--especially when I still get at least 50 unique visitors a month to a site that is hardly ever updated--and I miss you, too. And so my vow is that you will hear from me far more often, at least several times a week. Hope you're glad to have me back like i'm glad to have you! Smooches...

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