Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Put That Ice Cream Down

"why's your back mo bigga than the usual/lil mama why you so fat/how long did it take that thang to grow..."--Trey Songz

A word to the wise: It matters not how much he hurt you--you will only be hurting your wallet if your relationship makes you spiral into morbid obesity (and you know who you are!). United Airlines is taking a hard line on this by taking some drastic measures that I personally find both hilarious and necessary. All the 'big-bone-ded' folks who can't buckle the belt in their seats, or worse, spill into yours, will either be asked to purchase an extra seat or to 'walk it out' to their destination. Tough break. But I know this will have me running a little faster on the treadmill in the morning...who wants to risk being asked to step off the plane because of the size of their ass? Which begs another question--what about the 'sistas' who aren't really fat, but whose asses are out of control?? As my father always says, "we'll see, said the blind man..."

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