Friday, May 1, 2009

Lesbian BIC

"woman to woman..."--Shirley Murdock

"I'm done with the man thing. You need to move on in life." Wish it was that easy!

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DIC Report

"****** is crazy baby/don't forget that boy told ya..."--Jay-Z

The Passion of Mel Gibson [People]

Should Something "Green" Be This Controversial? [HuffPost]

Hopefully This Won't Turn Into Kate Plus Eight Minus One [People]

Keith Lewis Needs To Be Slapped [HuffPost]

Please Show Me A Man Who Can Act Right [TMZ]

There Comes A Time When Arm Curls With A Barbell Are More Important Than Arm Curls With A Fork. I'm Just Saying. [Bossip]

Yup...Still A Tool [HuffPost]

It Takes A Real Loser To Worsen Opinion Of Yourself With Silence [WSJ]

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BIC Report

"and the girls go crazy..."--R. Kelly

Crazy Horse Bonnie Fuller Strikes Again [HuffPost]

Happy Mother's Day [YBF]

Ummm...Kirstie? Maybe...Maybe Not. [People]

Hillary Spices It Up [HuffPost]

Elizabeth Edwards Thinks The Other Woman Is Pathetic [NYDaily]

Jenna Bush Watch Out: Chelsea's Dad Is Way More Popular [Boston]

A Day Late And A Dollar Short [Bossip]

Performance BIC [Bossip]

Once A Fatty, Always A Fatty [People]

R.I.P. Golden BIC [People]

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