Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twitter BIC

"do you know/what it feels like/for a girl..."-Madonna

I think that crazy women everywhere are rolling around a bit in the burgeoning popularity of Twitter. Finally, a play-by-play outlet for your craziest thoughts and moments. Erykah Badu twittered the birth of her newest daughter, M.I.A. twittered just after the birth of her son. Solange twitters every crazy thing that happens to her (getting sick on the plane, fainting in the airport, tour bus accidents) and also uses it to tell people what's on her mind about various news items and trends. Rihanna even twittered a response to Oprah's show about domestic violence. But isn't it a little scary to have a place where women can talk about all the crazy mess that's on their minds? Obviously, this is the new wave. In my mind's eye, I see a future of the internet flooded with tweets about breakups, birthing tweets, tweets about men, and pms rants. Which is sexist, but do you really put it past us? I mean...really. Do you? 

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Anonymous said...

So should we put down and toss a side our mothers up bringing and join the band wagon?Should we throw out the things we learn as a girl,a teen,a woman.Where cis jesus in your life.It sounds like you put him in your purse and wear him when you feel like it.Jesus would not have put up this blog.If you have bad feelings about your famly then you need to seek jesus and ask him for forgiveness.Jesus is watching and so is your family.