Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daily DIC: Unforgivable

"in tight jeans/chinese eyes/indian hair/black girl ass..."--Memphis Bleek

 It's possible that Diddy is still in character from A Raisin in the Sun because his attitude on color is purely 20th century. Although I'm sure he'll have an "explanation" for it, Diddy's having a casting call for a new Ciroc Vodka ad on Friday that specifically requests "white, hispanic, or light-skinned african-american" women. Apparently, no darkies need apply. And since everything Diddy does is about the almighty dollar and/or attention, there's little doubt that he feels tossing some chocolate chicks in the mix might hit his wallet--or his ego--too hard. Oh, it's fine to use your average gorgeous dark-skinned woman with a big, fat ass in tomfoolery like your club banger music videos--in which he never seems to lyrically leave the strip club--but in the fly, classy Ciroc ads with the Sinatra music and perfect lighting, he wants only the 'light, bright, and damn-near-white' to apply. As usual when dealing with Diddy, I'm offended as a Black woman. But what I'd be even more offended by is if he re-releases the casting call Yung Berg-style, asking for only dark-skinned women like we're all stupid. In the timeless words of Kat Williams, "Don't be sorry, ho, be careful!"

More evidence of Puff's color complex after the jump.

When Mr. Wonderful first debuted the name "Diddy", he made a video of the same name, featuring a pretty darker caramel-colored chick we were to assume was "Tondelea", the "hot girl" because "everybody wanted to slay her." Oh, but here's the kicker: sweet, brown Tondelea wasn't "fond of players." No, no, she only wanted "ballers to spoil her." In laymen's terms, Tondelea was a gold-digging groupie that would spread 'em wide for anyone driving a Bentley down "1-2-5 and St. Nick." And as Diddy instructs women to do in the vast majority of his songs, "Tondelea" shook her sweet, brown ass to the phat Pharrell beat, rubbed up against Diddy suggestively, and simulated an orgasm. Classy.

Around the same time, Diddy did a tender Hip-Hop Soul ballad that was widely assumed to be about his lost love, Jennifer Lopez. Featured in that video was a beautiful, yet certainly fair-skinned Eishia Brightwell. Rhyming about his lost love, Eishia spent the majority of the video swathed in blankets and in Diddy's arms being kissed and caressed. Then, more recently Diddy did a little ditty with Keyshia Cole by the name of "Last Night." Featured as his love interest in that video is racially-ambiguous redbone Dena Cali, whose absence tortures him as he tearfully abuses a larger-than-life wall hanging of her face. I know, I know. It always hurts to lose a good light-skinned chick.

Fast forward to this coming Friday, when yet again, the classy, sweet, beautiful visuals will be saved for not only light-skinned chicks, but White and Hispanic girls as well. Spit in our faces, pleeeeaase, Diddy! We don't mind! Even in the age of Michelle Obama, we'll accept you denying every opportunity to showcase the diversity of beauty of the Black woman. We'll accept you making us look small and divisive as a people, even though someone of your stature and clout could have made great strides in this area by now. No, we don't mind you selling us short. We'll drink your vodka and watch your MTV shows, accept you dropping the mother of three of your children for a racially-ambiguous 10 year-old whose first music video featured her fellating a random dude on grainy 33 mm, and we'll line up around the corner to be exploited in your music videos as money-grubbing strippers. We'll still love you and we'll still support you. Which, ironically, comes from ages of degradation just like your little casting call. But it's possible I'm just being a killjoy. So I guess all I can say is...cheers! BIC


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is just trying to avoid anyone that reminds him of his mama?

Anonymous said...

or maybe "YOU" should contact all family members and show some love and stop lashing out at people in this blogWhat happened to your up bringing.I know your parents never raised you like this.