Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daily DIC: Song Cry

"but deep inside a ***** so sick..."--Jay-Z

The other day I found myself thinking about the house that I found so beautiful in the 2002 Jay-Z video for "Song Cry". I was in love with the bedroom back then. Well, I went to Youtube to catch the video, and to my surprise the bedroom was no longer so beautiful to me. Bygones. I did, however, spot a comically interesting comment from a Youtube-er, "Lil J"*...clearly a male. The quote read "How was I 2 kno u was plain sick of me? Dats wat im askin now", which lead me to the hilarious conclusion that "Lil J"*, invariably feeling a bit despondent as he reminisced on how badly he'd mistreated his now-departed girl, logged onto Youtube to see what Jigga had to say about his state of sorrow. In my mind's eye, Lil J sits in front of his Mac, head in palm, slumped across his desk watching the video repeatedly to numb the pain. Sound familiar? Maybe we're not alone, ladies. There's life on their planet after all.


naturally twisted said...

I love this song! On a good day, I will listen to the original by Bobby Glenn, Jay-Z version and Keyshia's version all back to back and just get lost in the melody...

Pheak Tol said...

this is one of his best songs in my opinion just by the meaning and message alone because everyone in the world can relate to it

"A face of stone, was shocked on the other end of the phone
Word back home is that you had a special friend
So what was oh so special then?
You have given away without gettin at me
That's your fault, how many times you forgiven me?
How was I to know that you was plain sick of me?
I know the way a nigga livin was whack
But you don't get a nigga back like that!
Shit I'm a man with pride, you don't do shit like that
You don't just pick up and leave and leave me sick like that
You don't throw away what we had, just like that
how you going get up and leave and leave me so sick, shit im a man with pride you dont do shit like that
You don't throw away what we had, just like that.."

that whole verse i can relate to cause of the relationship i was in, but i know i was worth more to someone else so i stacked up the weight building in my chest and left it at that.

i was once that dude that slumped in front of my computer with my head down, face long, and my heart dropped to the bottom of the floor.