Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daily DIC: The Saga Continues

"cuz i'm her ex-friend/ex-homie/ex-lover/so stop the phone calls/voicemails et cetera..."--Yung Texxus

He's been outed and disgraced, spent 99 days in jail, and been relegated to a sales job in Texas, but Kwame Kilpatrick's public shaming is far from over. This week, the flogging continues with the release of even more texts--only this time they're not just between he and his mistress/Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty, but a whole new cast of characters.
The new players include his sister Ayanna, who calls the Kilpatrick's constituents "idiots", and his wife Carlita, who speculates that he's having an affair(ya think?) and insults Eminem (yes, that Eminem). [HuffPost]

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