Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daily BIC: Single Asians

"all the single asians/all the single asians..."--Mixed Company of Yale 

These girls spent precious time that could have been spent studying:

  • Memorizing the choreography to the "Single Ladies" video.
  • Coming up with new, easier choreography that all of them could sensibly do.
  • Writing lyrics about slurping sushi (yulck!)....and all that jazz.
  • Locating a cameraman that wouldn't laugh at them...or would at least laugh with them instead.
  • Securing a studio in which to film.
  • Determining who was the 'strongest singer' [ole girl who sang the first verse was, I think, their best offering] and would thus open up, and further determining who was the 'strongest dancer' and would thus bring up the rear of the line.
  • Transposing their 'single asian' Ivy League-experience onto Beyonce's club anthem.
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