Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daily BIC: McMeltdown

"just one of dem days..."--Monica

I need someone to interview this woman and confirm my sneaking suspicion that she is pre-
menstrual. I have personally feared that I would end up behind bars for some of the stunts I've pulled during my own special time of the month. On top of unexpected tears, debilitating sexual urges and an angry, senseless outburst at someone who was just trying to help, my PMDD usually involves some type of chocolate, but I suppose I can see where a 10-piece McNugget would drive one to call the Feds. The other notable BIC in this equation is the cashier who refused to refund homegirl's money once the McNugget fiasco was uncovered. Since when can you not get a refund for an item that was out of stock and in what part of America do employees still take such ownership over food at McDonald's? When I was in high school, anyone I knew that worked at McDonald's got fired for giving away so much free food. Things to think about. In any case, this is clearly BIC. Cheers.

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