Monday, March 2, 2009

Crazy Baby Lady Update (and Daily DIC)

"baby all i wanna do/is spend my life with you/have three, four kids by you/and have some more if you want me to..."--Brandy

Presenting: Denis Beaudoin, former boyfriend of Crazy Baby Lady (I refuse to use "Octomom" since it implies that she only has eight children) and possible babydaddy to the entire Suleman brood. Even though Denis is a cutie, and admirable for stepping up to the plate--even as a married father of two--to try to handle his possible responsibilities (and even offering to help if none of the children are his), I have some issues with him. The first major thing that comes to mind is that he seems to be a little on the slow side. Because to the naked eye--however cynical it might be--it really appears that Suleman pimped him for his little soldiers. She got the poor guy to do a "sperm donation" three times (i.e. jack it in a cup in her master bath), which she subsequently "put between her breasts" for warm safekeepings and sped over to her lunatic physicians' office to get IVF. Denis dear: did you ever consider that it was a bit irregular that she didn't hike you over the doctor's office for, um, a consultation? Did you not feel just a bit silly yanking in the bathroom for someone who claimed cancer as the cause of her infertility? And, using your words, why were you so concerned with "starting a family" with someone who told you she had cancer? Since when is terminal illness an appropriate catalyst for the initiation of family-building? Better ideas abound.

In other crazy baby lady news... 

  • Nadya was offered $1 million to do a porn. Honestly, I can't vehemently say that her choices in the past have dictated that she wouldn't take them up on it.
  • She's also gripped with fear that after she distended her belly to alien proportions, the hospital won't be releasing her children to her. Apparently, they think her living situation isn't sufficient or appropriate for eight infants. Wonder where they got that idea? 

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