Sunday, March 22, 2009

BIC Report

"and the girls go crazy..."--R.Kelly

Say It With Me: "Shut Up, Camille" [Salon]

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: The Debbie Allen Edition (Far Left Of Pic) [BlackSnob]

Aww...First She Twittered Her Childbirth, Now She Twitters Her Stalking [Bossip]

Surely You Didn't Think It Was Her Idea [Slate]

Whoopi, Are You Trying To Fool Us Into Thinking You Care? [ContactMusic]

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Don't Get Too Close To The Candles [Bossip]

Well...We Should Just Glad To See She Has A Song In Her Heart [ThatBlackGirl]

How Much Can You Not Stand Those Black Women? [Bossip]

Would You Abort Someone Else's Baby If You Could? [Slate]

Angela Davis Is Up To Her Old Tricks [Bossip]

Oh Sarah... [AnchorageDaily]

Does This Look Like An Heiress? [SignOnSanDiego]

I Feel Like Ellen Wrote This [HuffPost]

Apparently, The World Really Isn't Enough [HuffPost]

Go Off On Bush And Officially Out Yourself In One Fell Swoop[WWD]

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