Sunday, March 15, 2009

BIC Report

"and the girls go crazy..."--R. Kelly

Yeah, I Said It: Kristen Wiig Is Too Funny For SNL [Jezebel]

And Apparently So Is Andy Samberg's Mom [Jezebel]

Laura Ingraham Needs To Get Laid [HuffPost]

Jessica Simpson Begs American Public Not To Call Her Fat [HuffPost]

I'm Starting The Rumor: Elaine Wynn And Ruth Madoff Are Lesbians Together [HuffPost][NYPost]

Seeing How The Jig Is Up On The Whole Virgin Thing... [People]

Just Like Mama, Bristol Palin Really Knows How To Pick 'Em [HuffPost]

Michelle: "Just Want To Make Sure: I'm On This Cover Alone, Right?" Oprah: "Michelle, Please Don't Ask Dumb Questions" [BlackSnob]

Pack Your Bags! In Atlanta, You Can Be A Housewife Without Being A Wife Or Having A House [Bossip]

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Ummm...Let's Not Get Carried Away [Slate]

My Grandmother Warned: Marry An Ugly Man And It's The Children That Will Pay [Slate]

Yet Another Way To Ensure Your Daughter's Life Is One Long Walk of Shame [Jezebel]

Meghan McCain: Unafraid To Not Be A Featured Speaker At The 2012 Republican Convention In Guam [HuffPost][HuffPost]

Hayden Panettiere Does Outwardly BIC [UsMag]

More Powerful Than A Locomotive [ChiTribune]

Accepting Bets That This Won't Prevent Tyra Telling The Contestants They Don't Want It Bad Enough [HuffPost]

Oh, Dana... [HuffPost]

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