Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BIC Report

"he want a fight/well now he's got one/he ain't seen me crazy yet..."--Miranda Lambert

Unlike Some Artists, That Solange Knowles Is An Open Book [Bossip]

New Unceremoniously Fired Hall Of Fame Inductee. Somewhere, Star Jones Is Nodding Approvingly [DailyBeast]

Contrary To Popular Believe, Morgan's Sidekick Says She Wasn't Going Down In The Delta. In Other News, Gloria Allred Is An Opportunist [HuffPost]

Disturbing On At Least Five Easily Recognizable Levels [HuffPost]

When Will She Learn: There's A Fine Line Between Adopting A New Diet And Adopting A New Tailor [CelebSlam]

Nipple Fountain Of Youth Alert: Let Us All Aspire To Such Flyness At Fifty [Huffpost]

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The New Hot Ish: Quit Then Tattle. This Way, You're Broke And Despised. [LemonDrop]

Who Agrees That One Is Enough? [UPI]

The Flip Side Of BIC: Afraid To Be Too Crazy? [Forbes]

She Get It From Her Mama [LemonDrop]

Self-Esteem. It Does A Body Good. [LemonDrop]

I Think Women Living In The Islamic Republic Deserve A Drink Every Now And Then [HuffPost]

Just Imagine: 250 Years Earlier and TJ Could Have Been Sasha and Malia's Dad [HuffPost]

Character Actresses!! Gross! [HuffPost]

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