Friday, February 20, 2009

Throwback BIC: Renee

"she said my name is renee/i said i got a whole lot to say/so may i walk you to your subway..."--The Lost Boyz

Spoken word snaps for the first Throwback BIC that's actually Throwback DIC...but since it's all about a woman, it gets a pass. All I think about when I hear this song is being in the car with my father waiting for my bus to school in the winter when this came on. I wanted to get really hype because I loved this song, but I didn't want to seem too into it because I already knew my operation was about to get shut down in a major way when the "she started feelin on my chest/I started feelin on her breast" part came up... Even though I got in the car and turned on the hip-pop station first thing anytime we went anywhere, my father used any excuse to change to the jazz station. And even though that morning did end up in an extended jazz remix, I still jammed "Renee" so hard the year it came out that I remember every word. RIP Renee, a classic BIC "shorty". And RIP 1996, for a multitude of reasons.

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naturally twisted said...

Thanks for bending the rules and posting a "hidden" classic!!!