Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwback BIC: Ready To Run

"all i'm ready to do is have some/fun/what's all this talk about love..."--Dixie Chicks

Have you realized that there's never been a country Throwback BIC? That just won't do. If you're not already acquainted with the lovely ladies of The Dixie Chicks--Natalie, Martie, and Emily--then you're missing out on some real, authentic BIC. Not only have they written several BIC-worthy jams (among them "Goodbye Earl", which celebrates the Thelma and Louise-esque murder of an abusive husband and "Not Ready to Make To Make Nice", a tune about their refusal to apologize for disparaging remarks made in concert about President Bush and the Iraq War while touring abroad) but they're also pretty crazy in real life. What's to love about these women is that they're authentic. Much like Erykah Badu, they don't play a role in their music life--it's a valid extension of who they truly are. That's what you call an artist. Enjoy this tune, plucked from The Runaway Bride soundtrack.

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