Monday, February 16, 2009

Throwback BIC: All Night Long

"i'm gonna give it to ya/give it to ya/give it to ya/give it to ya..."--Mary Jane Girls

No one can deny the jamability of this oldie. In hindsight, however, we can definitely deny the cute factor of The Mary Jane Girls, who took just about every single thing wrong with the 80's and tossed them all together for a true mess. Before MJG, there were songs like "Love Come Down", which took years for many of us to realize was referencing bodily fluids, and "Encore", a jam that clearly alluded to getting it in multiple times but didn't spell it out. This finely-spun web of lyrical innuendo obviously frustrated the overtly freaky, which explains why Rick James decided to forego the cutesiness and just lay it on the line.

It doesn't get any more real than straight up saying "I'm gonna give it to ya". And with the girls gyrating and tip-toeing around stage singing nursery rhyme-esque lyrics like "come on up boy/don't be late/what I got for you won't wait", you uncover what young R. Kelly studied in lieu of homework. Cheers to MJG for displaying raw funk/r&b female sexuality in its infancy. And R.I.P. Rick, a man who always managed to display his particular talent for removing all mystery from the sexual process. As always, it takes a little DIC to get the good stuff.

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