Monday, February 2, 2009

Spoils for the Spoiled

"shoulda got that insured/geico for your money..."--Kanye West

In this market, we've all learned to change a few things to get by. Drive less so that you need less gas; eat less so that you buy less groceries. We can add talk less in order to maintain status quo to the list. At least, that's likely what a few of the "Dating A Banker Anonymous" (DABA) girls might be feeling upon realizing the downward turn their lives are taking after a whirlwind couple of weeks in which they were thrust into the national spotlight for the enviable talent of attracting wealthy financial executives and being able to write satirically (at least I think it's satire) about their financial executives' downfall in this downturned economy.

After taking to the web to complain about such travesties as having to eat out less and cook in more and be relegated to weekend-only sex (when, coincidentally, "working class people" and college kids get it on), some of the women were surprised to find the men in their lives furious with them. And Laney Cromwell (who just sounds like she was born to be Kelly Preston's character in Jerry MacGuire) has bigger fish to fry than her [ex-] boyfriend's seething anger; she was axed from her fashion writing gig late last week. I wish I could feel sorry for any of them, but I'm too busy thinking about the fact that I'm still waiting on half the stuff they've been missing since daddy's salary started dwindling. Of course, they already have a book deal out of this fiasco, so who's to say that months from now we won't be seeing the ladies' partners forming some sort of fraternity for privileged husbands of millionaire best-selling authors? And having all the spicy hot Tuesday afternoon sex they want.

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