Monday, February 2, 2009

Sixty's Company

"i'm young/and i love to be young..."--Lesley Gore

Maybe it's because I'm still a few years from 30 that I don't have real anxiety about physically aging. Maybe it's because I've been blessed with fantastic genes. Or maybe it's because--say it with me--"Black don't crack" (thank Star Jones for playing that out so thoroughly). But if I do ever start getting anxious, I'm praying that I don't end up doing the absolute most in an effort to stay young-looking.

Suzanne Somers doesn't look too drastically different than she did in the 80's as Chrissy Snow. But who will ever know if that's because of genes or because she lotions with hormone cream, stuffs herself with 60 pills a day, and then injects more hormones into her no-no every single day. Now, granted, I do currently try to use products that ward off the signs of aging lest they ever truly begin to try to get me. And while I love to say that I want to age gracefully and be happy with any gray that pops up or the extra few pounds that will no longer come off, a part of me is probably lying. We all want to look young as long as possible. But I would like to think that I'm immune to losing the struggle against descent into youth mania, where I'm ingesting things with colors that have never been seen in nature and spending ungodly amounts of time in doctor's office getting pushed and pulled. Click on the link and watch Suzanne dump pills into her mouth like grape Nerds.

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