Monday, February 16, 2009

Pour A Little On The Pavement For Convention

"tellin me them diamonds/when she know they rhinestones..."--Kanye West

 So this "chick" in Ohio pleaded guilty to murdering her elderly husband--by exercising him to death. Caught by video, she reportedly dragged him around their pool and wouldn't allow him to get out even as he begged for a rest and clung to the sides of the pool gasping for breath. Add to this the fact that the wife legally changed her name to Christine "Newton-John" in 1993 in deliberate homage to Olivia of Grease fame, and you have a huge, steaming pile of insanity. But there's a larger issue here than young aerobics-obsessed wives forcing their old spouses to work out: do we truly live in a world where we wait until the end of an article to mention [sex change] "gender-reassignment" issues, as well as the fact that the old man knew his "wife" as a young boy growing up and was well-aware of the sex change?

Call me old-fashioned, but that's not exactly an aside. Is it?

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