Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

"you're lying/cuz you're stuttering/now where were you..."--Joe

Young Chris Brown could learn a thing or two about anger management from Usher. After a week of trying to figure out why exactly Tameka Foster Raymond was in Brazil, of all places, having a tummy tuck and liposuction two months after giving birth and why her husband cosigned, we find out that Tameka's super-BIC ass didn't tell him a) she was even headed out of the country and b) about her impending surgery.
Unfortunately, not only did she lie to her husband, but she lied to the doctors about how long it had been since the birth of her son Naviyd. Maybe if she had been honest, the doctors might have been able to prevent her subsequent heart attack during anesthesia, which snowballed into Usher having to cancel his Grammy performance plans to rush to her bedside escorting a surgeon from Cedars Sinai. Usher was none too happy, probably far less because of the interruption of his plans than because of his wife's shocking omission of the truth about her whereabouts, the fact that she left their children to have the surgery, and lastly because of her lies to have the surgery which could have left him a widower and his sons without a mother. I think his expression going to visit his wife in the hospital the day he arrived says it all. He looks like he can't imagine talking to, touching, or looking at Tameka. In fact, he looks like he wants to slap the dog food out of her for getting them both into this predicament. But, like a good partner, he sucks it up and shows up like he's supposed to--all without physical violence. Sure, he's probably seriously contemplating divorce, and he might light all her stuff on fire when he returns to Atlanta, but he refrained from boxing her about the head, which in this case might have taken actual rational restraint.

Meanwhile, even Tameka, who nearly died last week, doesn't look half as bad returning to the States as Rihanna did in the LAPD after whatever spat her teenage love affair turned into last week. Chris: take notes. Tight jaw, cool. Silent treatment, cool. Contusions, notsomuch.

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naturally twisted said...

Do you really think Ursh will divorce her? I've always thought they had that Whitney-Bobby love. You know where one of them knows good and well that the relationship needs to end, yet to save face and avoid the public "I told you so's" they drag out the union and stay together.