Saturday, February 21, 2009

NBA All-Star BIC

"oh they're weird and they're wonderful/oh benny she's really keen..."--Elton John 

Beyonce: Eva, girl, that sweater is too cute.

Eva: (blushing; giggles) Thank you, Beyonce!! So is

Beyonce: Girl, I wasn't even thinkin when I got dressed today. You know I been MIA for everything else this month; people just oughta be glad I even showed up. You see I got my shades on. I'm tryna get in and get out.

Eva: You make me wish I had worn my shiny pantyhose with cutoff denim shorts. In February.

Beyonce: For real?!? Thank you, girl! Jay was tryna talk out his neck about it earlier, but you know I clipped that real quick. Sheeeeeet, we married now! (looking around) Girl, how do you do this? I mean, Jay has groupies, but these basketball hoes are somethin else, hunny!! They get so crazy at All-Star! Ole' raggedy heffas.

Eva: Yeah...I really love your shades, too, Beyonce.

Beyonce: Oh, thanks girl. What you doin later?

Eva: Yeah...remember when people thought we were going to be playing lesbians in a movie? That was funny.

Beyonce: Yeah, that was a nice PR move. You know the kids love me! (snaps and laughs)

Eva: Oh, who doesn't love you Beyonce? You're so awesome.

Beyonce: Oh....girl, thank you. You know I try to be fabulous for the kids. (snaps and laughs again, nervously) Anyhow, girl, I'm bout to skate before these people start takin more pictures. I really don't know what I have on.

Eva: You're leaving? Wait, you can wear my sweater if you want!

Beyonce: That's really sweet, Eva. But what would you wear?

Eva: Oh...I don't know. It doesn't matter! I'll make Tony give me his jersey or something.

Beyonce: Eva, you trippin girl. Tony playin in the game! What would he wear?

Eva: Oh, stop. You shouldn't have to worry about things like that! Here-- (begins to lift her sweater over her head)

Beyonce: Eva, girl, I'm finna leave. You actin crazy. If you want, you can find my sister somewhere around here. She like all that tradin clothes and stuff. I'ma catch you a lil later.

Eva: Okay, Beyonce. Call me! (yelling after her as Beyonce scoots away through the crowd) Call me!!!

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