Monday, February 2, 2009

Let Me Help You Help You

"i think i wanna have yo baby..."--Salt N' Pepa

In light of the disgusting choice a Bellflower, CA woman recently made to have eight children in addition to her six kids, I figured we needed to have a talk, BIC to BIC. There's a right way and a wrong way to do just about everything. A right way, a wrong way, and a grossly wrong way. Grossly wrong would describe a Bellflower, CA woman's decision to give birth to eight children when she already had six. However way you slice it, something is very wrong with that situation. But to make matters worse, this woman has no man in the equation whatsoever, she lives in her parents' three bedroom house, and she recently declared bankruptcy. With her glaringly obvious mistakes staring us down, I felt the need to share a very important calculator I recently came across online. It's called "Can You Afford A Baby?".

"Can You Afford A Baby?" makes it very easy to tell whether or not you are financially ready to have a child, let alone eight, which makes it paramount for avoiding excess BIC. I wouldn't have bothered with something like this a few weeks ago, but with all eyes on Jon & Kate, the Duggars, and now the Bellflower Uterus, I'm hoping that we're not starting to see a trend in people wanting larger families. Plus, with contraception ripped from the stimulus package, a whole lot of people who definitely shouldn't have children for financial reasons will be having them. That said, let's all be super realistic about what we can and can't do on the baby tip from a wallet standpoint. Had the Bellflower Uterus bothered to take this quiz, maybe the American taxpayers wouldn't have another bailout on our hands. And to piggyback on Claire McCaskill, here's another idea--no government assistance for people who took fertility drugs to have more children. No. Denied. If you really wanted eight more kids, then you need to really want to haul ass to Wendy's and work two back-to-back shifts to support them.

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