Friday, February 20, 2009

DIC Report

"****** is crazy baby/don't forget that boy told ya..."--Jay-Z

Tyler: Let's Not And Say We Did [BlackFilm]

LisaRaye Dropped Him Just In Time [Bossip]

Someone Tell Michael Steele--And My Father--That "Bling Bling" And "How Do You Like Me Now" Will Not Make Republicans "Hip-Hop" [WashTimes]

How Quickly Our Fresh Young Talents Grow Into Disgusting Celebrities [AP]

Erykah Twittering Her Home Birth Is One Thing But Shouldn't Homeboy Be Paying Attention? [CNN]

Barack Needs To Stop Playing And Put On A Damn Coat [AP]

Bill.Clinton!Says.Barack!Must Be More.Hopeful. [ABCNews]

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