Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daily DIC: Stop The Madness

"soon as i let my guard down/ooh there you again/in my grill/til i call the cops and then..."--Tamia

Look here, now. This is getting to be pretty incredible. First, Chris Brown. Then Terrance
Howard's no-brainer domestically violent past was mysteriously exposed. Now, ridiculously-large-to-be-putting-his-hands-on-a-woman Suge Knight--who's curiously had his ass beaten by two different men recently--not only gets out of pocket in Sin City with his girlfriend, Melissa, but skates because LVPD currently cannot locate Melissa (which should be a top law enforcement priority when dealing with Suge Knight). I think we've all had enough. Do we need to have another Million Man March? Because apparently fools need some serious reindoctrination. And just because I'm quickly getting fighting mad about this, a list of celebrities I can readily think of that have ridden the 'Is Wayne Brady Gonna Have To Choke A Bitch' Train after the jump. To be fair, there are some mentionable women as well.

DICs That Hit

  • Billy Dee Williams
  • Brian McKnight
  • Don Cornelius
  • Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice)
  • Bishop Thomas Weeks
  • Mike Tyson
  • Dennis Rodman

BICs That Hit

  • Hillary Clinton has been known to assault her husband, former President Bill Clinton, on numerous occasions, by hitting, severe scratching/cutting, and striking with objects such as a lamp and an ashtray.
  • Whitney Houston was widely acknowledged as domestically violent towards her ex-husband, Bobby Brown.
  • Brenda Harvey-Richie was arrested for the assault of both her [now ex-] husband, Lionel Richie, and his mistress in their hotel room prior to their 1993 divorce.


naturally twisted said...

You forgot Keke Wyatt...remember she stabbed her husband or something like that!

AshleighMarie said...

you're so right; i did! surprising because i always talk about her on here too (she's in the sidebar pics under shank bic lolol)