Monday, February 2, 2009

Daily DIC: I'm Not Only A Client

"and i'm here/to remind you/of the mess you left when you went away..."--Alanis Morisette

Definition of "transparent": using the first Black Democratic POTUS' election to usher in
"change" to the RNC in the form of a Black chairman. Tool Leader of the all the Tools in ToolLand, Michael Steele, former Lt. Governor of Maryland, is now the leader of the RNC. I'm sure this makes pretty much everyone happy because now the RNC automatically looks "inclusive" without ever having to lift a finger in any impoverished or minority community or introduce legislation to help any disadvantaged people. How clever. I'm also sure the lunatic, skinhead fringe of the party is having trouble keeping their pork and beans down as they try to look at the bigger picture. I'm positive Grand Dragon Limbaugh and Olive Oyl Ann Coulter are thrilled with this turn of events, because how can they be labeled racist now? I've always thought that Michael Steele was a major tool (does it show?), but I actually am surprised he's allowing himself to be used so flagrantly. To top it off, he asserts that the RNC doesn't even have a message problem. It's that they've "behaved badly" by "[coming] to Washington and be[coming] like the people we were sent here to replace". His top topics: constitutional ban on gay marriage, illegal immigration, and praise for the fact that every single Republican in congress voted against President Obama's stimulus package. It sounds as though, as usual, the Republicans really know how to focus on what's important.

Well, I'm no RNC Chairman, and call me crazy, but if I were to be asked on the Sunday morning talk shows to promote my fledging, near-extinction shell of a party whose message only flies as viable in the most backward parts of Mississippi, I'd be addressing things like, oh, I don't know: home ownership and moratoriums on foreclosures, fortifying our educational system in this country, healthcare for all Americans, and what kind of stimulus package we should have since I think all can agree that stimuli are definitely in order. I might address the perverse greed that the public just witnessed on Wall Street with the bonus payouts. But no, Steele stayed "on message", since the GOP has no message problem. It's more important to address drivers licenses for the Mexicans that have been cutting your grass for years and whether or not the gays should be able to book The Four Seasons in June before we address the fact that everyone who's not in the upper echelon of the Republican Party is going through a recession. Losing their homes, losing their hope, losing their minds. I suppose we shouldn't expect Michael Steele to care. All he's losing is his hair. And a lot of people's respect.

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