Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daily DIC: Can't Go For That

"when the drama starts to hit the fan/raise your voice but not your hand..."--Keke Wyatt

Back in the days of Comic View, there was an oft-repeated joke one of the comics told about Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds: "he might have a baby face, but he got some grown ass teeth!". I found myself thinking about that joke tonight as I meditated on chipmunk cheek cutie pie Chris Brown, who despite his own little toddler grin pulled some very grown ass mess this weekend.
Chris Brown, of the "Yo", "Run It", and "Take You Down" fame, left his fanbase and the country baffled by his inexplicable behavior in an apparent battery or assault of his girlfriend Rihanna. During an argument on the street in LA, Rihanna sustained "facial injuries" that left her unable to perform at the Grammy's tonight. There's absolutely no excuse for Chris causing Rihanna any type of injury, but the sidebar is that I absolutely cannot imagine what would have even provoked him to get to that point. I'm stunned and saddened for the irreparable damage this is going to do to his young and promising career. Domestic violence or female assault is awfully hard to bounce back from when 90% of your fanbase consists of women under 25.

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