Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daily BIC: Southern Hospitality

"that's what it's made for..."--Usher

What nice thing have you done for someone else lately? I'm willing to bet my life that you're not going to say that you donated a major organ to a family member--and let doctors take it out through your vagina.
And yet, that's exactly what Kimberly Johnson did for her 23 year-old niece, be the glorified guinea pig of the first transvaginal removal of an organ for donation purposes. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The kidney is actually smaller than most babies and if we already have to pass that through our vagina, what's a little organ or two? Plus, it leaves you without scars and you heal faster. Although I'm willing to bet in five years we'll be reading about women who, during transvaginal organ removal, experienced orgasms under anesthesia. There's always a woman somewhere who had an orgasm doing just about everything and are always ready to talk about it , so trust me: it's coming.

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tyra said...

F*ck the prostitutes I see in court on a daily basis...that's a working twat!!!