Monday, February 2, 2009

Daily BIC: Claire McCaskill

"she's strong/pushes on/can't slow her down/she can take/anything/life dishes out..."--Craig Morgan

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) swept into the national spotlight in 2008 with her ardent support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. I admired her clear, direct interviews, throughout which she smiled that sweet, country, pageant queen grin and spoke in polished southern-accented vocals that dripped with cutting "don't f*** with me" Joan Crawford-esque phrasology. Well, Claire did not disappoint that legacy as she took to the Senate floor to address her colleagues on Friday, livid (as we should all be) about the disgusting greed and disregard for the American taxpayers' sacrifice that the government bailed-out Wall Street executives have displayed post funding. Video after the jump.

In true BIC form, she straight up called the executives idiots and introduced a bill that would entitle no one to more than the salary of the POTUS: $400,000. Of course, trying to get people like Merrill Lynch's John Thain (who passed out almost $4 billion in bonuses in December after getting bailout funds), to make a lowly $400K is like trying to get Julia Roberts to take $1 million for a romantic comedy--it's just not done. My favorite part of the video is when she says, "and if any of them think it's a hardship to take the salary of the president of the United States, I dare 'em to say so out loud right now!". The look on her face at that moment is priceless, and leads me to believe she has incredibly well-behaved children.

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