Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Baby Lady Update

"pressure on me/but the seed has grown/i can't make it on my own..."--Erykah Badu

Although I had words for the silly folks who have been watching her every move and criticizing her for doing little things like getting her nails done and going to Starbuck's (although I did raise an eyebrow when Miss Thang hit up Nordstrom the other day to get some MAC lip gloss), this new news goes slightly beyond. Apparently, Ms. Suleman is looking for new digs--largely because her complete and total drain of her mother's personal finances has landed her mom's house in foreclosure with an auction date of just over two months away. With homelessness and care for 14 children (11 of whom have special needs) looming over her head, she's looking for a place to post up. She thinks she might have found it in a $1.2 million spot in Whittier.

Nice place. The marble floors and stairs will be terrific for teaching eight premies how to walk, the theater should entertain the older kiddies and their ADHD at least most of the day,  and best of all, Suleman and her extra 30 pounds of skin can take a jacuzzi out in the back while 14 kids splash around in the pool with little-to-no supervision.  Overall, I'd say this crib is particularly useful for raising a basketball team children. Add to that, the 2.5 bathrooms should really come in handy the handful of times when only two out of 16 inhabitants (1/8th) have to use the bathroom at the same time. Sadly, though, it *still* isn't enough space for the 14 kids, Suleman and her mom who will likely have to tag along out of both duty and necessity. Plus, while Suleman can fork over a downpayment by selling her story a few more times, she has zero chance of keeping up payments on that house unless she can find some means of income outside of her mother's Social Security. A collage of the prospective audacity Gingerbread House after the jump.

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