Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Baby Lady Update

"damn/i think i wanna have yo baby..."--Salt N' Pepa

Just as Nadya Suleman's mother is softening her tone, Suleman's father, Ed Doud, is putting his two cents into the conversation. Where Nadya's mom, Angela Suleman, sold her interview to for 40 g's, daddy went on Oprah. Hopefully he and his wife don't have any kind of bet or contest going on, because if so Angela's next retirement check is going to be disappearing a lot faster than she's used to. Also, Suleman's been offered a place to say with the 14 kids and help from a California non-profit. According to the founder of the organization, it will take $135,000 a month to care for the children, three of which have mild disabilities in addition to the eight newborns' precarious health. Madea Angela might be joining them wherever they go, as her home is in foreclosure and set to be sold at auction as early as May.

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