Monday, February 16, 2009

Crazy Baby Lady Update

"have three four kids by you/and have some more if you want me to..."--Brandy

This week, Nadya's pro-bono publicists quit because they've been receiving too many death threats. Apparently, people are a bit perturbed that despite our economic climate we're all banding together to support this lunatic's reproductive choices, but who knows where people get such unfounded anger. Fortunately, Nadya now has an agent. So we can all breathe a little easier.

In addition to our past findings, we have learned that: 

With this, I have something to say. More after the jump.

I think that Nadya Suleman is just as irresponsible and crazy as the next person does, but I do think it's really unfair to subject her to the "oh my God she's being happy" routine. Yes, the woman has 14 kids. But even though it was her [dumb] choice to have that many children alone, I think everyone should be sensitive to the fact that her large family rules Nadya out for a lot that other women get to enjoy. She has 14 children to think about, and we all know what happens when postpartum depression sets in (Susan Smith, anyone?). If the woman goes to get a manicure and buy some video games for her older children, we really shouldn't be attacking her. I'd only be worried if she started taking Caribbean vacations. But honestly, a quick trip to get your nails painted is not a big deal. Everyone deserves a little time to themselves, if even just to think about what they've done.

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