Friday, February 20, 2009

BIC Report

"and the girls go crazy..."--R.Kelly

Who Wants To Marry A Geek? She Did And You Would Too [Vogue]

Though Always Beautiful And Often Admirable, Ashley Judd Gets Stranger and Stranger With Time [HuffPost]

Barbara Walters Thinks She's Better Than Bonnie Hunt--And You Do Too [HuffPost]

McCain's Bust It Lobbyist Is Done With Her Walk of Shame Lawsuit [Politico]

If We Were All Paid $60 For Phone Calls, We Wouldn't Be In A Recession [Anchorage Daily]

A Lot Of Women Think They Live With Apes, But... [MSNBC]

Level Thinking Like This Is Probably Why She's Been Oscar-Nominated Six Times [People]

Forever Begging The Question Why Hillary Clinton Is The Only Female Pol With Her Own Nutcracker On The Market [Rolling Stone]

Just Call Her The Kimora Lee Simmons Of France [Vogue]

Michele Bachmann Says Something Else Ridiculous [Wonkette]

Gotta Love It: True Black History In The White House [Bossip]

It's Probably Best For Christina to Keep Mariah's--And Nick's--Name Out Of Her Mouth [Bossip]

Funny How Hollering About STDs During Divorce Proceedings Gets Messy Every Time [AP]

Have You Ever Seen A White Monkey? Me Either. Wawa, Clean It Up. [Jezebel]

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