Monday, February 9, 2009

BIC Report

"and the girls go crazy..."--R.Kelly

In Next Logical Steps Headlines Of The Week, Jessica Simpson Broke Down Onstage [AP]

Crazy Baby Lady Finally Speaks [HuffPost]

Since It's Been Reported About A Hundred Times, Here It Is Again [SF Chronicle]

In New News, Having Money and Power Is Apparently An Advantage [Gawker]

She May Play Condi, But Who Is That Playing Pia Glenn's Eyebrows? [NY Daily]

Drew Thought He Might Be More Into Her With A Tongue Ring [SF Gate]

For The Sad Souls Who Covet Madonna's Body, Her Trainer Is Opening A Wildly Overpriced Gym In Manhattan [NYT

Saudi Princess Says "I Was Hot Before The Law, Imagine What I'm Gon Do" [Daily Mail]

Consider Yourself Blessed If All It Takes To Fix Your Relationship Is INS [HuffPost]

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