Monday, February 2, 2009

BIC History Month: Going Postal

"i wanna tell y'all about my old lady/sometimes i think she's really crazy..."--Jimmy Cozier

If you recall, BIC History Month is pretty much what it sounds like--Black History Month for BIC's, an entire month in which I feature crazy-good and crazy-bad Black women throughout history. Well, I try to spotlight as many crazy-goods as possible, but the crazy-bads just keep popping up! Since I featured a crazy attempted murderess (Ms. Hot Grits herself, Mary Woodson) on the first day of BIC History Month last year, I figured I'd stick with tradition and feature another. Although this doesn't involve breakfast food, nor does it bother a pimping R&B Soul singer with too many broads on his hands. This is a bit heavier, and the chick involved is probably at least a little crazier.

We all know that when Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered, it wasn't the first attempt on his life. But how many people know that the first serious attempt on Dr. King's life was at the hands of a deranged Black woman?

The woman's name was Izola Ware Curry, and she was a 42 year-old New Yorker originally from Georgia. Homegirl--who was, quite obviously completely insane--showed up to a book-signing evening in Harlem and strode up to the table where Dr. King was signing his just released book Stride Toward Freedom. After asking him if he was really Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Curry whipped out a letter opener and stabbed Dr. King before anyone could stop her. When people around began to notice what happened and panic, Curry stood back and screamed "I'm glad I done it!". King was rushed to the hospital and had to receive serious surgery, as the blade had just narrowly missed his heart. It was later discovered that if he would have just sneezed before receiving medical attention, he would have certainly died. It was also later discovered that Crazy McCrazerson had a loaded pistol in her bra at the scene.

Why did Curry go bad on Dr. King with an office supply? Out of self-defense, because apparently, he had it out for her and she was determined to kill him before he killed her. He, along with the NAACP, had been "boycotting" and "torturing" her. Needless to say, Dr. King had never met this woman before in life, and so it must have been The Shining that led her to this conclusion. That or a serious chemical imbalance. Even more needless to say, the judge felt it was the latter and tossed Curry's butt into Bellevue. She was later diagnosed a paranoid schizo and planted permanently in a state hospital for the criminally insane. Not really "BIC" in the classic sense, but she was surely crazy. Even more crazy that this is not well-known or widely discussed. Me thinks that if Ms. Izola was White, she would be just as well-known as, say, James Earl Ray.

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