Monday, February 16, 2009

BIC History Month: B.A.P.S.

"baby hair pumpin'/lip gloss shinin'/i think you're in the mood for winin' and dinin'..."--LL Cool J 

In 1996, Halle Berry was going through a hellish divorce from David Justice, and the dissolution of her marriage and state of her career had her feeling some serious blues. She's said repeatedly that she was incredibly suicidal at that time, and that when she was offered the movie B.A.P.S., she chose the film over death. Praise God, but who doesn't agree that that explains a whole lot? Even though it had a Black female screenwriter and two popular Black actresses, the 1997 release was quite far from Black women's shining cinematic moment. So from Troy Beyer, who penned the script, to Halle and Natalie Desselle and finally, the legions of Black women who flocked to see this coon flick, the entire situation smacks of loose marbles and deserves a place in BIC History.

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