Thursday, January 22, 2009

You're Never Alone

"just the two of us/we can make it if we try/just the two of us..."--Bill Withers

As far as celebrities I thought I'd never have anything in common with go, Mya ranks pretty high up on the list. But as she enters her second year of celibacy, I'm discovering more and more of a kinship... Joining the ranks of celebs hitting the web to rant and rail against the media and the ever-elusive "them", "y'all", and "they", Mya "My Ass Is Like Whoa" Harrison decided to set the record straight on the many rumors that have been circulating concerning her love life, her career plans, and the [in]occupation of her uterus. Apparently, she's not dating a billionaire, nor is she pregnant, penning a "Superhead"-esque autobiography, or even mildly intriguing at this point in time. Hey, I feel her. Hats off to her for not only diplomatically setting the record straight, but setting a good example while threatening bodily harm. Even in the age of Michelle Obama, Black women can take pride in that innate skill.


Tyra said...

The true BIC is this gem of a quote located in the bloggers response to Mya's article...

"I’ll agree, everyone has something to say about something when more than likely they need to check themselves.

I am going thru something similar, not that I am famous but a group of people I know insist on spreading false allegations about me. I have tried to ignore them as much as possible but the other day was more than I could handle. So when I flew off and smacked the shit out of someone in particular. Everyone was at her rescue as if I was the culprit. Oh but no, no one defended the allegations (knowing they were false) instead the fueled the fire for some type of entertainment. Why oh why is everyone defending her all of a sudden?

I really still don’t care about the overall situation and I plan to continue to pray for peace, however if I fall victim to the situation again, as my father is my witness I will back slap, side smack, and front foot her ass again, hands down.

Get a life people and mind your own damn business.I am too damn grown for this ish, but I swear I refuse to be disrespected cause they can’t respect themselves."

LMAO...that's inspiration for ya.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm...didnt realize mya was celibate...i guess she is only celibate when Mayor Fenty of DC is out of just saying..