Thursday, January 29, 2009

Throwback BIC: Make It Hot

"what must i do/to keep him lovin me..."--Nicole Wray

Unlike some people, Missy and Timbaland's track record for successfully breaking artists whose longevity pales in comparison to theirs is not only unintentional, but completely without malice. Miss Jade? Mad Skillz? Magoo? I hear crickets. In any case, with Jazmine Sullivan's recent Grammy nomination explosion, I got to thinking about another lost Missy/Tim artist, Nicole Wray, whom I think just about everyone saw a bright future for in the industry. Well, suffice it to say she's not currently Top 40. But she definitely was when she released this banger that still stands up over ten years later. And, just for the record, from the begging hook to the self-capitulating verses, it drips of the good stuff.

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