Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh The DIC

"around six in the morning/he forgot what he said..."--Shawnna

Charles Barkley is not the first person, or celebrity for that matter, to get a DUI. He is among the first in my recollection, however, who freely admits it was because he was trying to get sucked off. Which leads me to my point.

Beyond laughing and shaking our heads at the fact that Sir Charles now faces a serious charge for being so preoccupied with "the best" head he's ever gotten, this should serve as a serious reminder for women that when it comes to pleasing the penis, men will say and do just about anything--even jail time. Which means as women we should be keeping our wits about us and not falling for the okie doke. Let's not get so wrapped up in the idea of something or someone that we forget what we know: without a connection with a man, you having sex with him is the same as Charles Barkley zipping around the corner to get head in his car. It means just as much; maybe less, if you're not as skilled as the chick Barkley was trying to track down. Because we all remember that pedophiliac poet R. Kelly's poignant lyrics: "niggas will do anything/for some pussy." Kels, of course, meant spend any amount of money, sacrifice any number of things. Left unsung that they will also lie, cheat, steal, and trick. I'm just saying. Look alive, girls!

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Anonymous said...

That's the problem with women, they're always running their mouths causing problems when all a nigga is trying to do is get some head!