Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Money Can't Buy You Love

"well i don't care too much for money/cuz money can't buy me love..."--The Beatles

We all know that love don't cost a thing, but apparently sex does. And sex with a virgin will really break the bank. Let's just call this another victim of the economy, shall we? For those of you too lazy to click on links, 22 year-old Natalie Dylan has decided to hawk her innocence on the Internet for money to get her graduate degree. She's really coming up in the process, however, because even the best degrees in the country don't cost more than $300K. She's been offered $3.7 million. That's a whole lot of master's degrees. Some might call this innovative and entrepreneurial; and some might think it's great that a 22 year-old even has virginity to sell and that it's wonderful that she so values education. I, however, have a few issues with this young woman's decision, that I will share after the jump.

The first major issue here is that this girl is following in the footsteps of an older sister who financed her own education by becomine a prostitute for three weeks. I won't attack prostitutes--everyone does what they need to do to get by. But honestly, making it common knowledge and flaunting it around is a little beyond the pale. I wonder if it's a sign of high self-esteem or extremely low self-esteem that causes one to sell their body for school funds? Either way, I suppose $3.7 million could easily remedy whatever it is.

Natalie also said she doesn't find her virginity to be "significant". If not, then why has she kept it for so long? I'm curious. Could it be the degree in Women's Studies? Could it be that she's not into men, anyhow? Makes you wonder...

Finally, for whatever reason, we know that men love a virgin. But who knew they were worth millions? Seriously, 10,000 men have bid on this chick. Is innocence and an untouched quality that desirable to today's man? These can't all be freaks and weirdos. Who knew? Maybe we should take this as a lesson not to spread ourselves so thin. Although sadly, even knowing I could have come up on almost $4 million at some point in the future wouldn't have kept me from "the d" back in the day.

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