Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got To Give It Up

"it's time that i realize/that there are some with no home/without a nickel to loan..."--Michael Jackson

While in San Francisco visiting my friend, I was admonished not to observe my typical practice of giving money to the homeless. Why? It was against the law. "San Francisco coddles its homeless," I was informed by my BFF, who ordered me to roll up the window and put the ones away or risk a fine. Then, I happen upon this--a relatively inconspicuous, hidden article on Slate that speaks volumes. My thought: have we gotten so cold and callous as a society that we really turn our ipods up to avoid hearing someone ask for help?

If so, we need to do a lot better. It's not our concern where the money goes once we give it away, it's not our concern if the person is crazy or lazy or whatever. It is our concern that if we have an opportunity to help someone, no matter how that opportunity came about we are obligated to do what we can out of a sense of right, a sense of community. I urge everyone to remember the generous spirit of our nation. Before Bernie Madoff was prime headline news, we were being fed pulsating reports of philanthropy from Oprah's latest "give" to lists of corporations and families who find creative ways to put their money and time towards the work of bettering this nation and the world. In this downturned economy, I think it's even more necessary than usual to be prudent with our stinginess.

In my belief system, it can actually adversely affect me to actively look the other way when I know there's someone that I can help. It's in this spirit that I think BIC powers can be used for good. I'm proposing that each of my readers that I can drive to this do something "crazy" to help someone/something/some people, who- or whomever you wish. Report it back to me here in the comments section or email me at thebiscrazy@gmail.com. I'll post the stories as they come. Whatever you do, no matter how small, as long as you've genuinely helped someone desperately in need of help (and this doesn't include men desperately in need of love, by the way), I want to hear about it. In my social experiment, my thesis is that women's BIC power can be used to change the world. I'm sure you agree, so help me prove it.

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