Monday, January 26, 2009

Daily BIC: Nice Girls Finish Last

"i'm staying/i'm staying/and you/and you/and you/you're gonna love me..."--Jennifer Holliday

Still riding high from landing the first major interview with Mensa President Sarah Palin, Katie Couric apparently has no plans to be the bottom BIC ever again.
In a scuffle described in the media as a "coup", an interview that Katie's old NBC pal and co-anchor Matt Lauer bagged was mysteriously postponed. During the postponement period, however, the interviewee, pilot of the plane that landed in the Hudson River last week, was interviewed by Katie for 60 Minutes. The interview airs on February 8.  *Shrug* To be honest, in all likelihood I wasn't going to watch this particular interview anyway. All I know is the girl won, and that's good enough for me...

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