Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily BIC: Lil Kim

"the more and more i looked out for you/you tried to play me like a fool..."--Keyshia Cole

A couple years ago, I went to comedy show where Mo'Nique shouted out her "boo" Gerald Levert, whom she was dating at the time and was seated center of the front row. She had all us dying laughing as she announced that although she wasn't the only woman he was seeing, he was the only man she was dating. "You know what I'm talking about ladies," she said, "when you kickin' it with a dude who's your boyfriend, but you ain't his girlfriend?"

I, of all people, understood. And quietly, so does Lil Kim. The "love affair" we all believed had gone down between Biggie and Kim in the heyday of Junior M.A.F.I.A. is increasingly revealing itself to be a figment of Kim's imagination as she loses her mind over the release of Notorious, the Biggie biopic. Although I didn't discount what Faith had to say, I just hardly considered her the expert source for information about her husband's jumpoffs. However, with the careful, gentle wording of Voletta Wallace, Puffy's purported dismissal of Kim's rant against the film, and finally, Charli Baltimore's complete smackdown of Kim, I don't think anyone is entirely convinced that Kim had any status whatsoever. She gets a BIC award for her pathological belief that she and BIG were a serious item when he not only had a wife, but a girlfriend.

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When do we get to talk about her face though?