Friday, January 30, 2009

BIC Report

"and the girls go crazy..."--R. Kelly

To Her New Role As "Second Lady" (*Shrug*), Jill Biden Says "You Don't Own Me" [HuffPost]

Starbuck's Is Probably Opening The Gates To Hell [Bloomberg]

Charli Baltimore Still Wants To Be Added To The List Of Them Chicks That BIG Done Been In [YBF]

Tired Of Being The Least Favorite Daughter, Kelly Moves To Europe And Tells Her Manager Bye-Bye [MTV]

Out-Of-Options Black Women With Low-Self Esteem Rush To Barnes & Noble In Droves To Buy Relationship Advice From Steve Harvey [Bossip]

Because A Large Part Of Being Taken Seriously By The Republican Minority Revolves Around Reminding Them That She's Post-Menopausal, Nancy Pelosi Teams With President Obama To Throw Everyone Who Still Ovulates Under The Bus [FoxNews]

Desperate To Please Her Old Pal Sarah P, Elizabeth Hasselbeck Employs Abstinence Education Instead Of Contraception [Jezebel]

Biggie Had To Learn How To Wave The Four-Four From Someone [MTV]

All Danity Kane Fans Gather In Studio Apartment On Upper East Side For Vigil [MTV]

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