Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just What Time Is It New York?

"it's hard for me to say i'm sorry/i just want you to know..."--Peter Cetera

NYT, you're making it extremely hard for any progressives to defend you.

I love the New York Times because it consistently raises important questions of national concern and hits public officials where it hurts when they need to be hit the most. I enjoyed watching them roast the Bush Administration over the past six years, and I appreciated their breaking McCain stories in the recent election. I have even enjoyed their meditative and thought-provoking criticism of high-profile Democrats . I love that the publication has brilliant, thoughtful Op/Ed columnists that are always thoughtful and never hateful. The Style section is fabulous, as well, and the publication is an all-around cosmopolitan delight of the savviest proportions.

Of course, such a publication is constantly being attacked by the people who produced Sarah Palin. And at every turn, liberals will defend the publication that celebrates progressive ideals and an intellectual discourse. But sadly, the NYT is making this increasingly more difficult to do.

It started with Jayson Blair, which was an embarrassment of epic proportions. Plagairism is the worst it can get in the publishing world. Stealing ideas, blatantly ripping intellectual property, is unconscionable. But we got through that. Then came Judith Miller, which wasn't really a mark on the paper's record, but still sheds the illusory light of shadyness nonetheless. Now, we're all of a sudden just blatantly publishing fake letters that haven't been substantiated whatsoever? What's really hood NYT? Offering the lame public statement that you just "did not" verify with no further excuse makes you no better than Sarah Palin chopping it up with Fake Sarkozy just because he called her phone.

As a final straw, Maureen Dowd has also been allowed some sort of vacation, as she hasn't printed a column in several weeks. WTF, NYT?

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