Friday, December 19, 2008

Daily OMG: Just Can't Leave You Alone

"i can't help it/if i wanted to/i wouldn't help it/even if i could..."--Michael Jackson

I wish I thought this was beautiful. But the words that come to mind first are: hedonistic, selfish, unsanitary, and exhausting.

Reflexively, of course. I know I shouldn't judge...but 18? Yesterday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had their 18th child. Yes, yesterday, as in 2008, as in the 21st century. I totally understand how you're feeling. I, too, cannot fathom why two people would or could continue to have sex under these circumstances. 135 months of pregnancy? My husband and I would sleep in separate states. I would just love to take a poll of their children to see how many of them, on average, plan to procreate. I would also like to know how many dislike the letter "J".

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