Monday, December 29, 2008

Daily BIC: Annoyed Before Her Time

"if you don't know me by now/then you'll never, never, never know me..."--Teddy Pendergrass

To the public: Caroline Kennedy had an interview with four NY Times reporters about her candidacy for Hillary's senate seat. To Caroline: She had to suffer through ridiculous, political questions for an unprecedented amount of time. While she made some good points about her taking on the job (such as the fact that someone with the same attention-grabbing background and name should replace Hillary, who had major star power that she put to work for NY), she came off as more than a little irritated by some of the questions posed, as evidenced by nearly every answer she provided. As much as I like Caroline and think she'd bring some great skills and background to the job, I have to question how much right she has to be annoyed at having to have a serious interview for basically the first time in her life.

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