Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You Go Girl

"we shall survive/let us take ourselves along/where we fight our parents out in the streets/to find who's right and who's wrong...--Elton John

You might expect, with how hard I've been on my old role model Hillary in the past few months, for me to have all kinds of symbols going across the screen about her choice to make, not a concession speech, but just...a speech. I won't. I still admire Hillary Rodham Clinton. I still admire her, if for nothing else, her tenacity. I admire her intellect, her stamina, her drive, her poise...and I admire her campaign. Notice that I have not once, in all my griping about this election, called for her to drop out. How dare anyone tell her when and where to leave the campaign? It can't be denied that she's won 17 million votes; that's nothing to sneeze at. And women everywhere are grateful for her trailblazing. But as Hilary Rosen wrote today, it is not Hillary's time, "it is [Barack's] time." Hillary has run a ferocious campaign, and although I do not agree with a lot of the tactics used by she and her team, and although I am not as big a fan of Hillary's as I once was, I am still an admirer.

For a woman to have fight like that is an amazing example of our capacity for greatness, and, (wink wink) a huge testament to what BIC can do. Particularly since Hillary is currently doing the equivalent of a jilted fiancee dragging her would-be bethrothed to the altar and forcing him to tell her friends and family why he doesn't want her. By announcing her openness to being VP and encouraging her supporters to continue to support her and not him, she's essentially forcing Barack to not only "tell her if he doesn't want her" but to explain why. Of course, he doesn't have to, but for a man that's presented himself as completely gracious, stand-up, honest and fundamentally good, he'll feel compelled to offer some explanation. So, hey, the BIC behavior continues. But let that not spoil Hillary's gains, not today. Congratulations, on a hard-fought campaign and for breaking barriers for your cohorts and counterparts, Hillary. We all, for many different reasons but nonetheless it remains, owe you a debt of gratitude.

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Abs said...

The sad thing about Hilary's situation is that there once was a point in time when it was her time, i.e 2004. This is just a testament to the fact that when opportunity comes around and you dont take advantage of it the first time it may never come back again.

We all should look at this as example of how life should be lived. Ladies, seize the damn day!!